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Besides the known, the D3 vitamin that cats and dogs synthesize in their body from the interaction with the sun is quite insufficient. For that reason, it must be taken externally. 


Especially in cats and dogs, from the 40 days old period to throughout adulthood, the need for vitamin D3 that needs to be taken externally is possible thanks to the easy use of the Vit D3 Force. 


Vitamin D




15 ml

We often know how important vitamin D, calcium and phosphorus are for the development of our kittens and dogs. We know that there are vitamin and mineral supplements that we should use to protect ourselves from rickets, which is a bone development disease, especially from the 45-day period to the adulthood period. But nowadays we are faced with the fact that low levels of Vitamin D carry the risk of cancer and various diseases, especially in middle-aged and older dogs and cats. Researchers and veterinarians argue that dogs and cats need more Vitamin D.

In the last 50 years, the rate of Vitamin D in the foods consumed by our pets has decreased drastically. Farm animals bred to be used in cat and dog foods are grown in closed areas that are not exposed to the sun today. Foods consumed due to unconscious agriculture, GMO foods and pesticides now contain less vitamins and minerals. This situation reveals the importance of external use of vitamin D.


With its innovative spray usage, it guarantees sufficient daily dosage intake. While the bioefficacy of the traditional tablets is 18%, those in liquid form have 96% bioefficacy. It has an irresistible taste


A quick solution in the treatment of rickets in cats and dogs in their growing period.


The vitamin D3 plays a great role in the absorption of calcium from the intestine


It reduces the risk of cancer.


In elderly dogs, Vit D3 Force is used to decrease the recovery time after fracture operations and prevention from osteoporosis taking place


Animals with low vitamin D have a higher risk of heart disease. In clinical studies, it has been observed that Vitamin D regulates blood pressure.

Analyticly Components: Ham Protein %, Ham Fiber %0, Ham Fat %95, Ham Ash %0, Sodium %0.05, Moisture (Max)  %1

Ingredient List: (15 ml liquid): Sodium Cloride (11.4.1), Glycerine(13.8.2), Vegetable Oil (2.20.1)
Content: 15 ml liquid; 37,500 IU. Contains vitamin D3 (3a671). Monopropylene Glycol(13.11.1), Cremophor El, Tween 80(E433), Each pump 0.2 ml = 500 I.U. Contains vitamin D3.

Usage: It is a complementary feed additive that completes the vitamin D deficiency of cats and dogs. For kittens and dogs that are bigger than 40 days of age: 1 pump once a day. For pregnant adult cats and adult dogs: 2 pumps a day once a day.

Shelf life is 24 months starting from the production date of the product. 

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