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Besides the known, the D3 vitamin that cats and dogs synthesize in their body from the interaction with the sun is quite insufficient. For that reason, it must be taken externally. 


Especially in cats and dogs, from the 40 days old period to throughout adulthood, the need for vitamin D3 that needs to be taken externally is possible thanks to the easy use of the Vit D3 Force. 


Lysine Force

with DMG

L-Lysine is widely used in sicknesses that are affected by viral factors like one of the leading illnesses Herpes Disease.


It is used as a supplement in the process of the treatment in order to increase the chance of the cure's success by strengthing the patient's immune system.


L-Lysine is also used as a supplement to prevent any relapse of the current illness.

The coexistence of the four factors that is included in its formula creates divine synergy.By stimulating the production of lymphocytes and antibodies, it supports the treatment procedure that is applied to all viral and bacterial infections. 

Its anti-inflammatory effect increases the quality of a patient’s life by reducing pain. By supporting intestinal microflora, it helps to build a natural defense barrier.

By decreasing the PH of the urine between 6.0-6.5 in a short time period (4-8 hours), it helps urinary tract stones that are occurring at a PH >7 levels to dissolve. 


In addition to supporting the treatment, it can also be used for prophylactic purposes in cats and dogs that are in the risk spectrum.

With zinc and biotin being in the first place, Dermatopic plus contains concentrated omega 3 and omega 6-9 essential fatty acids in the form of triglycerides in a ratio of 1:5 and B complex vitamins in liquid form with 96% bioavailability.

With organic iron, copper minerals, B12, and Folic acid coming in the lead, Haematoplus is an antianemic supplement that contains 6 main B group vitamin B complex. 


It speeds up the recovery in the process of viral, bacterial, parasitary, and immune system illnesses and also it speeds up the remission process of the patient.



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